Latching Relay Based Main Switch ( in lieu of electronic anti-spark switch)

nah - that’s an XT-60 with a main 40A fuse and I also use it to totally isolate battery pack when required.
There is a black cover to go over this to make it look nice!

Just an update - latching relay main switch has been in service now for about 4 months with about 350 operations without any issues. Been on some pretty rough tracks in that time. Operation has been flawless from the beginning.

I think the current success of this trial is due to:

  • Having a mechanically latched system with momentary push-buttons for control - both open and close

  • Having a beefy large contact area contact for the making duty.



I recently reviewed this thread and @darkkevind’s thread. I’m gonna give this a crack. But I’m looking at the 10s-13s range for voltage, and lotta amps. I know this particular build was just for 40a max, so I’ll see what I can find for relays.

Thanks again for posting this stuff.

@deucesdown - thanks for your post. AliExpress do a 100A latching relay which should do for most eboard applications . (I think @darkkevind runs with this relay) My latching relay was 80A rated for AC ( but on most rides I peak at 40/50A battery current with an average around 15A)
Are you running dual vescs?

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Hi, I really like your start setup but I think you are missing something like this: jpg_640x640



your right -good idea -will use in next build

BTW latching relay is still performing faultlessly

Two fellow local DIYers had anti-spark switches fail closed in last week( after about 6 months in service)


Hi, going to a little extreme, I found another fine switch to use in a electric longboard. A car battery switch that can be pulled off. I really like this one:


It can be bought here:

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@sismeiro The ASS fanboy Naysayers will say this will not work - but if it has hefty contact area and a positive closing action ( turning to on position) I think it should be fine .