Launch of --> Bulletproof antispark switches, nice prices!


My onlineshop has just been launched!

Use the code ESK8BUILDER for 10% off at checkout!

Valid till Sunday September 3rd 2017

Quick overview:

What do you offer? Different models of high quality antispark switches manufactured by me with additional protection against frying mosfets to make them literally bulletproof.

Prices? Starting from 15€ for the very basic version to 60€ for the top model.

Where are you located? Salzburg/Austria, Europe

Shipping? Worldwide priority shipping 6,90€ inside Europe 12,25€ outside Europe



Would you be up for a US groupbuy?

For the directfet version its more than $100usd shipped individually.

Sure, why not. Edit: Thought the 100$ at checkout was a malfunction, just realised what you meant. :sweat_smile:

Oh no, just doing the eu to usd conversion in my head.

Ok let me pm you in a bit, thanks, and the switches look fantastic, good job. Especially the top of the line directfet model, it’s :fire:

I only saw current mentioned in 2 of them (re: fuse). Do you have ratings for the others? Which one(s) can handle 150A continuous (12s)? Thx

what’s the benefit over xt90?

id be intrested in a group buy

led switch and a nicer look, wait are u reffering to the loop key or just the plain connector?

I have one of @goldenHusky anti sparks. Works perfectly with 10s and haven’t failed like some other ones… was also easy to connect with LED switch ( need resistor ).

loop key. I know plain one cause spark which eat through the connector and scare the hack out of me

then yea its just cleaner and supports an led

antispark loop key as switch wears out, ugly, easy to lose. But mechanical break is priceless.

This thing looks sexy, waiting on GB info.

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Can you explain the protection you designed to protect the MOSFET ? I guess it has to do with the small chip above the directFETs.

The website looks beautiful Fabio, and the 6x FET switch looks awesome! Also you might want to add some pics of the other side of the PCB’s, people might be interested.

For my application 12s, according with your website product description, every offered antispark switch would work, what would be the difference between all of them, should I just choose the cheapest one?

You might want state more information on the description so people can choose the correct one according to their needs.


I just got an Anti-Spark from @goldenHusky a few days ago (one of the last People of the pre-shop era?). Havn’t installed it on my board but the shipping was quick, packaging good and switch Quality looks very nice.

I’m wiring my system up with 8AWG throughout. I’ll prop put a 7mm AS150 on each of my 7s Lipos, but if I did want a switch how many amps do you think your 14s capable switches can handle?

Literally? Literally? Get out.


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Figuratively literally…