Lazy Rolling's 97mm 78A GLOW Wheels

Looks Pretty Cool. Defiantly something I would put on my Orca for night time riding if the formula feels good.


Noice 10char

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looks cool but I fear china clones with added glow


Screenshot_20190117-083542_Samsung%20Internet Looks like the wider version of the hub spokes. Most my press fit pullys don’t fit those without a bit of work… i really want these. I mainly ride at night.

Evolve pulleys fit on theese wheels with no mods according to their Instagram. They look sweet with that reflection , great for night riding. :+1: They will retail for 136€ according to a Facebook post on the public Swedish esk8 community fb page.

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Looks like regular ABEC Pulleys will work:

GLOW by LAZYROLLING Longboard wheels Size: 97mm Width: 50mm Durometer: 78A Bearing Seat: Centerset Rebound: 90%

Super Grippy wheels, yet soft enough not to chip!

Features gently bevelled reflective sidewalls, perfect for all belt electric skateboards. The GLOW is visible up to 125 meters / 410 ft in the dark! The hub is compatible with evolve and abec original wheel pulleys. Note: is not compatible with clone core wheel pulleys.

I’m just worried about it being a bad formula.

Confirmed, the evolve pullies slipped on easier than real abec 11s lol