Leanboard build and stability

Hey all,

I am currently peacing together an electric lean board (http://leanboard.us), and I am wondering on what to do about making it more stable at high speeds. They have a great platform and an amazing concept for a cruiser board, and I think it may have potential as an awesome eboard too.

Current prototype setup parts

  • 1x leanboard bamboo
  • 4x Flipsky 6354 190kv motors
  • 4x Flipsky vesc 4.12
  • 12s3p 20700b battery pack.
  • 2x Custom CNC motor mount for 2 motor mounting
  • Custom inverse gear/belt system drivetrains.
  • Custom 3d printed enclosure.
  • eSkate Lights

I am still trying to figure out a good 12s bms. any suggestions?


Really excited to see your motor mounts! Also wondering about traction. This might be a situation where 4x motors makes sense for traction reasons, but you might as well use smaller motors because each wheel will individually be easy to spin. Following this.

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Ill keep you posted on how it goes :wink: thanks for the input!

I’ve been wondering when someone will electrify a lean board… Looking forward for the build. Good luck


Ahhh you beat me to it! Been thinking about this for a while. If you make a good setup let me know, I’d love to pick up a lean and put one together myself!

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pics or it didn’t happen. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Crazy timing. I was on the leanboard site just before bed last night thinking this would be fun.

Curious how you install a pulley system to the Lean setup. There is literally no space :thinking: image


Hubmotors would be perfect for this

True that, best would be he gets the hubs/wheels from the cockroach :point_down: image

Hey if you are intrested DM me cause l have a that exact board with the hub motors and lam going to part it out or can sell u the whole thing without the battery


Take a look at the bestech d140 charge only module. @JLabs sells them

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It’s not going to be using a pulley system. Inside the rim of the wheel there will be an inverse gear with teeth facing inwards. The mount will attach to the small aluminum block that holds the axle. I will post pics of my sketches when I develop them further.

Basically it’s half gear drive to get a drive point out in the open, and then half belt drive to get the torque from the motor to the inverse gear section.

Seems pretty complex, so I’m working down the parts to minimize failure points.

20181116_160303 the wheels


I think some skull board hubs would work… if they didn’t vibrate

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If he doesn’t go for it, I know a guy who might be interested!

If you are going to sell it, I am definitely interested in the trucks, maybe the whole board, depends on the price.

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Has anyone made an electric lean board? I want an airplane friendly relatively short range board. I think 105 mm all terrain hub motors would work well. Roughly same size and contour as lean wheels. But I’m stuck on the battery pack. It needs to be very low profile. Any suggestions??

Im really currious: are there any news?