LED volt meters and key switches in Geek app

The other night i downloaded the Geek app to my iPhone because it claimed it could save me tons of money on geeky things and from what i can see the markdown is pretty real, even compared to Amazon.

Just now i was able to order Red LED volt meters just like the blue ones that came with Enertion’s original 10Ah kit for $1 each. I got 5 so i’d have some extras. They also have them in blue if you like slightly slower colors. Amazon had the same ones listed at round $2.50. The shipping was only a buck in Geek.

Then I found electronic key switched for $3 each. They’re designed to fit in an 11mm hole, as the thread diameter is listed at 10.9mm.

I don’t normally endorse apps, but these sales on detail parts are good. They also have a lot of tools, heat shrink tubing, and other things that might come in handy for eboard building.

Nice find. Tell us once it’s shipped.

I would download that app, but I am a part of the #BlackBerryMasterRace, so I don’t think it would work…

Jokes aside, that app sounds pretty sweet, and I do actually own a blackberry…

do these places ship to Australia?

i’m not sure if there are any shipping restrictions. I’m assuming they ship worldwide.

Also i believe the app is most likely cross platform, meaning there’s probably and android/BB version. If not their mobile site probably works fine on a Blackberry.

I know I’m reviving an old thread but was wondering how the product turned out

the key switches were total shit. However, it was just those particular ones that were shit. I’ve seen much better ones and i’m still not against the idea of a key switch on an esk8, as long as the key can still be removed when powered on, or at least has a small enough nub not to matter if its still in the lock.

the red LED displays never showed up, i ended up getting them from ebay and i’ve been using those ever since.

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