Legit battery? Or marketing

Opinion on these batteries? 3100mah 50a max discharge20181015_153007_HDR

sounds like bs. 50a at 3100mAh is insane.

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My guess is 10A 1700 mAh. Watch out, it’s gonna vent! :grin:


You can always test it to see if it matches the advertising

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Nah. Asked them what their whole sale is. More than 30q

If it sounds too good to be true, you’re usually getting shafted somehow.

If they actually had a cell that could do 3100mAh (or “3100MAH” thirty-one-hundred mega-amp-henries, as they claim) at 50A discharge, then it’s probably going to be a lot bigger and heavier than an 18650 package.

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Whats the branding on it?

if it isn’t samsung, lg, sony, panasonic / sanyo / tesla, they’re all just rewraps or complete knockoffs.

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It will just make it easier to prove/disprove if it is branded by a known manufacturer.

Yeah unless they have used some new chemical compound and created the holy grail.

If they did that, they’d know that a milliamp-hour is not a megaamp-henry.

They already left a stamp of amateur right there on the cell.


Check battery moch and see if he has tested them. As far as I know ther are no 50a 18650’s.


there it is. Always rely on the vapers!


So not a bad battery just bs stats


It’s not a cell of a big manufacturer. Proceed with caution.