Lego Electronics enclosure

So i was in the middle of deciding about enclosures when i came across a Lego VESC enclosure, credits to the original builder who came up with this idea. The Lego probably won’t be permanent but will work for what i need for now.

Photos (posting build thread soon)


So sweet! simple and works! That is just cool. Did you glue any to help them from vibrating loose?

Don’t forget to use the Kragle!


no, haven’t used glue but would be a good idea if intended to be permanent. the only glue used is to attach the lego’s to the board. il have to make sure to check/fix/tighten the lego’s before riding again.

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HA! Dont forget the Piece of Resistance.


You guys are killing me with the Lego Movie references lol.

hahah very true

Very nice

Don’t forget to organize replacement Legos for your kid, especially if you glue the bricks (what you should do in my opinion).

FYI, I’ve used Lego to make a positive mold for my enclosures and had some help from little hands.


Nice job! Everything is awesome when you’re part of the team. :grin:

Have you seen @elkick’s Lego enclosure? I still want to make one of these just for fun.

Yeah. I was planning on either glueing them together or using them as a mold to create something more permanent

I see you have a boat esc. Does it work. I was planning to do that too but ended up using a rc car esc. Vesc cost too much for my first built.

honestly, if you can’t afford a VESC and just want a simpler option, a car esc is probably better, the boat esc will work, but might have a reduced lifespan due to the cooling situation. I’ve got a 120a esc and only pull about 60 amps (at the moment plan on upgrading). due to this is doesn’t get very hot. i can’t say for sure since i haven’t ridden enough, but i went for the boat esc and planning to upgrade to a VESC and/or hv car esc. you probably made the right choice with the car esc :slight_smile:

I just thought id post an update, i used this enclosure for abit, it works well if you remeber to hot glue every piece together, me being lazy i only did half of it, after riding over some rough roads half of it came of XD. If you construct it properly it is defiantly viable :slight_smile: