Lets talk reliability

hey community! ive been playing around with my board now for a month or two and absolutely loving it. Loving it so much that im wondering what board setups have lasted the longest and have the most hours of carving on them without blowing an major components. Obviously things like bearings, belts, wheels and batteries are replaceable components but who has a setup thats been running a long time without needing reairs?

Whats your setup and how long have you been ripping around on it???


I’m this close to finding the perfect setup…:face_with_monocle:



i’ve got a mono drive 12s2p 6374 on a short deck, TB 4.12 vesc on FOC, enertion clone mounts, 80mm abec wheels… made with largely from salvaged bits and pieces.

i ride this one every day to run / walk the dogs and make quick runs around my neighborhood.

probably has 500+ miles on it at this point.

it has been the most reliable, consistent board i have. no drift in the battery, vesc is holding up great (knock on wood), i can throw this thing around and it refuses to die. only thing is replacing bearings once or twice, but that’s with any longboard.

i think the key is to keep up maintenance and hit upon the right set of parts / configuration and boards become more reliable as they’re tuned for their purpose.


10s5p, ollin and focbox running in can bus with dual 6474 on evolve trucks. Couple of replacement belts, spoiler broke since I stepped on it a couple times, and some wheel changes AT/107s. Been running for 3k+ miles until deck snapped on me


Raptor 1 drive on DIY board, 2 years and way more than 2500 km. Recently, blown one of the old Enertion Vescs due to a short in the phase wires. Everything else works sweet af


The most reliable one in my arsenal is a Metroboard Shortboard that’s been meticulously waterproofed and deckswapped to a Lance Mountain and put on 107mm Superfly wheels. Single sensored 90kv 6374 at 12S LiFePO4 (43.8V) 5Ah 18/36 gearing, 18mm belt, 23mph top-speed, thousands of miles on it.


Trampa carver,etoxx gearbox with dual VESC 6, 12S with dis/charge bms. Only opened to check voltage levels onces.

Use it daily. 0 problems since completion, 7 months ago

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My board is just over a month old, still tries to kill me at every turn, trying to nail down what’s causing almost constant failsafes and control lockouts