Let's talk Tire Liners

Thoughts on Tire Liners for My La Croix DSS60?

I assume it will hurt acceleration and range as it’s adding weight to rotational mass but want to see if anyone has any real world results on that? I think I’m gunna give the rhinodillos a try.

Edit some best practices I’ve seen and some I’ve come up with: -Cut the ends round and at an angle so they don’t puncture the tubes -the overlap on liner should be placed on the opposite side of the inflation tube to somewhat balance the tire -Make sure they’re installed in the middle of the inside of the tire to further avoid unbalanced wheels -Any other thoughts?

You could go the sealant route. Like Stans. Won’t take much.

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I was thinking about putting some sealant in too. Just figured the liners would be a first good step.

I run tubless on my mountain bike. The older front tire probably has 100 holes in it. Holds air still for at least a week.