Lexus is now making Longboards

I do have to admit, the deck looks pretty clean. But, we’ll never know until it’s tested.

Man, why would they make such an ugly longboard. Geez, you would think with all that money they pump into design, they would have come up with something that looks a little nicer. Maybe its just me but that thing look horrendous.

It looks alright to me


I associate Lexus and their brand with the “luxury” crowd; the antithesis of long boarding and skating in my view :slight_smile:

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They made one of those weird hover board things too lol.

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You cant drive a car on the sidewalk or boardwalk now can you? :joy:


It looks good! Some interesting styling with the mini fish tail and what are those, aluminum grab plates or something?

Looks kooky to me

Aren’t they owned by Toyota?

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Indeed they are. Should’ve just gotten the fellow who makes these to make their deck, he works for toyota’s F1 team…

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Lets get McLaren to make us boards. Maybe Porshe? :joy::joy:

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They are trying to target the younger demographic with their F-Sport line. That’s the only thing i can think

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I dont understand why you people dont like that design. I think they look rly awesome :smiley:

A little expensive for what it gives you personally.

Since when is 211€ expensive for a complete Board? My Carbon fiber deck did cost 300€ for just the blank deck without tape!

This deck costs 199 euros ($211) and is available now from the automaker’s dealers in Germany.

I’m reading it as the deck costs 211. Maybe I’m interpreting it wrong.

Hm maybe it really just means the deck… Next time when im in Braunschweig (Next Lexus dealer from my city) i ask them.

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i like the design too. But i think you can get a similar board cheaper. You pay a lot for the name :wink:

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