LG M36 Cells | opinions?

Hi all

I did a quick search on the forum and didn’t find any mention of the LG M36 cells As i’m building a long range board (12s9p botton and 12s14p top) i read here, that the Samsung 35E are “to go with” cells on nkon i saw the LG cells which are a little bit pricier (3.10€ vs 2.65€) but also have a bit more mah (3600 vs 3500) and same amps (10A vs 10A)

Has someone used them before? Are they good/reliable?

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It would be cheaper to just use the 35e and have an extra 2-3p giving you more range. When building a pack you should base it on wh/$ not how many mah each cell have compared to another

https://lygte-info.dk/ To check your cells. Since most don’t have such huge packs we need cells with more power than that.


@pat.speed i can’t do 2-3p more as my board will already be full with batteries On a daily commuter board, lets say 30km, this might be right. But I need it for way more than 30km

So I don’t care if it costs a bit more If the cell is worth it, i’m willing to pay a bit more

@Benjamin899 what’s this site for?

There are various grahphs on li ion cells Like discharge rate - voltage etc

It can help you find what cells to use

Sometimes the space it takes-up or the weight is more important than cost. It all depends on needs

grafik So the Samsung is a bit flatter and drops a little later

Will this make the additional 100mah useless or is the drop high enough? Also i guess the wave-line of the lg won’t make any difference when riding

It sure looks like the LG M36 are better than the Samsung 35E for esk8 … at depths of 6P to 7P or more

Unless you plan on discharging to 3.00V or lower, then use 35E instead

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