LHB 420 GT : 12S5P 30Q Dual 6355 Sensored 190KV

just finished this neon pot leaf cruiser. there may be an addition of artwork on the bottom, in fact i’m sure of it, but for now it’s racked and ready.

silky green calibers and purple kegels, bones reds racers, 12S5P 30Q pack, dual vesc-X and an EL wire outlined pot leaf under some crushed Pyrex (bong glass y’all!) with yellow phase leads to match, and my own motors and mounts with a 16/32 pulley set up.

this bitch blazes up!


Please say you actually recycled someone’s broken piece…the circle of glass life


That board is lit.

I’ll show myself out…


Where did you get the lights?

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There shred lights

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oh yeah forgot to mention… those are Shredlights. I can get you 10% off your next purchase from them, too. PM me for a coupon code.

@ATLesk8 for you… i’ll say that. lol its not actual bong glass but you can bet the next time one breaks i’m keeping it. This is the last of my crushed glass, however. I’m going to be using that frit from now on for 90% of my boards unless specifically requested (i had request for SKYY Vodka glass in early 2016) because churning that shit with a steel rod is fucking metal but kind of a waste of time, and other methods of crushing are either messy, noisy, or unnecessarily dangerous or some other combination of things that doesn’t get room in my tiny shop.

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more pics of the process…


Nice! Just wondering, how heavy are those boards? Looks kind of hard to pump with that small tail too.

No pumping required…


I meant just popping a wheelie to make a pivot. Sorry for the wrong terminology.

about 23 pounds, and the boards are balanced, not front heavy, so it makes it a little easier to turn hard on the tail.

I wanted the snub tail as a way to keep the board at or under 40 inches while maximizing the wheel base.

i barely use it when i ride though, my trucks are loose and snappy and on 80mm wheels i can get a decent carving radius without wells. 90s bite a tiny bit without wells if i carve really deep. I think my next personal build will be on a witchblade with huge wheels.


the led pot leaf looks really cool. My parents would flip if i did something like that! :wink: