LHB Danger Manual: Definitive Edition

Due to the success of this book, as well as my constant need to keep fucking with shit, I have decided to open up the skate porn section of this exquisite work of literature to all of you who have used my parts in one of your builds.

The Definitive Edition Will not only have more of my builds, updates on safety info and more squirrels, I want it to also have your awesome builds in it as well.

If you want your board in my danger manual, all you have to do is use my motors or mounts or eswitches or focboxes or whatever you bought from me in it. You just have to be my customer, and have an awesome build that you worked hard on and want to show off.

How soon I release this is partly up to you guys. If I get a lot of participation, It will happen a lot quicker.

Submit high resolution phone-tography and some info on your build to support at longhairedboy dot com for inclusion, and include your full name. I would like to publish with First name only and state of origin, such as Tom from Utah or Steve from Colorado. However i do need to verify you as a customer or at least a second hand owner of my stuff.

What do you think?


Im gonna put your t-shirt on my next build and take a pic :slight_smile:

I’ll just leave this here for you to examine

"Hum hum, that’s a very smart move of you, my Lord; addict peeps who bought this manual day one now have to buy this new edition ! Mouhahahaha "

It’s obviously a good idea and I will order this new edition as I did for the first one. Good job !

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I bought enclosure mounting bolts does that count


I have your Pullies haha

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I have your building spirit in my board. Does that count as a product?

Meh, I’ll just sneak this into our selling clause of hummie motors:

“By purchasing these motors, LHB agrees to include photos of both Luke and Johns builds into the LHB Death Manual. He also agrees to never sell another board with out hummie motors”

errr… How did that last part get in there?

hehehe :smiley:

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I have an eswitch of yours but it isn’t done built yet

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Just wait till i get to the part in the Third Edition about how to sell the idea of selling books!


I’ll shove the book I got from you into my enclosure


I expect to see LHB logo’d fish paper included in future editions for those custom battery builds.


Yeah…your enclosure


Where on your website do we submit a build? Do we just email it or something else?

you can email it to support at longhairedboy dot com. :slight_smile: