LHB: Joker on kegels, twin focbox, TB 190KVS, 15/32, 12S5P

I typically only post new builds here if i’m doing something new. I think this qualifies. Lately the shop has been doing pretty ok so i got some new toys. First i got a Silhouette Cameo desktop die cutter so i could cut vinyl stencils and do what basically amounts to spot color with spray paints. In addition to the Cameo, i got the best spray paints ever: MTN 94. SOO FUCKING HAPPY WITH THIS STUFF. It smells like candy and its low pressure and goes on smooth and dries quickly and … and… and…

it started with this screen shot he sent me.

That’s probably one of the coolest joker faces i’ve seen, so i couldn’t say no. I modded it a bit in illustrator

then set my new robot slave to work cutting something. I didn’t take a pic at the time, i took video, but here’s the slave later on cutting a stencil for the box art

so then the stencils come out of the robot’s butt and i tape it and mask the board with that shitty brown paper that you can’t hardly use crayons on so its shit for keeping my toddler busy unless he wants to be a brown ghost. Then spray a white base

then add some black using the same exact process when the white dries. I used a heat gun to speed up the process a little.

then a third time to knock out two more colors in one layer because i’m a cheap bastard

Then the same process was used to add some HA HAs to the top side

Then it was time to build the bitch

Seen here with test wheels on so i can ship it with freshies.

but then before i packed it up i realized somethign. The box was soooo empty. It “needed a something” as my little one would say. So we gave it a little street love with a polished grafittii style joker sig.

glamour shots on the bench:

The topside logo is chrome, that’s why its looking weird in the pic.



epic as always!


great build and great theme ! :smiley:

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