LHB/NGV Build and new speed records in the future!

My question wasn’t hub motors the best for top speed but the problem just the urethane how are you going to keep the urethane from coming off and wasn’t NGV the team using like some expensive rollercoaster urethane

they are using the expensive roller coaster urethane NOW in reaction to the thane flying off in the video back THEN. So the expensive roller coster thane is a fix.

We’ll find out if it works.

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So the build u made had rollercoaster urethane

That’s my understanding, yes.

the wheels are fixed if you see on their channel they posted it on a video youtube

fixed meaning problem solved or fixed meaning there is a now a core the rubber mass is fixed to? what is the core made of?

It’s an aluminum core, and the problem was solved https://youtu.be/7goSnaKGXTs


So swordsman just needs to find a roller coaster then it sounds like

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i need to find a place that will allow me to go 65, best I can do is go on a nice road at like 4 amish when no cars are there