Li-Ion 18650 Battery comparison

We have a lot of info in different threads about different 18650 batteries and i´d like to start a thread where you can talk about why you choose exactly that specific cell and help others decide which cells to use.

  • LG HE2 2500mAh - 20A
  • LG HE4 2500mAh - 20A
  • LG HG2 3000mAh - 20A
  • SAMSUNG 30q 3000mah - 15A
  • SAMSUNG 25R 2500mAh - 20A
  • Sony VTC5 2600mAh - 30A
  • Sony VTC6 3000mAh - 30A

I think these are the common ones. For example @chaka is using HE4 i think?! And @elkick wants to switch to VTC5 in the future because of better lifecycles?!

So throw your batterys in here and let us know why you choose or will choose it :slight_smile:


@TarzanHBK I use:

They were easy to access via a group buy and spares are readily available on Amazon. Many forum members have used them so there was some additional assurance that they were useful in esk8 applications. Sometimes the voltage on arrival varies, but it’s always between 3.5V-3.7V and I’ve never received a “dud cell.”

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Samsung 30q 3000mah is rated at 15 amps by the manufacturer but performs as well as 20 amp cells.

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I thought Sony stopped all battery production. I’m pretty sure the vaping community said something about it.

there are some more cells already listed there:

Maybe you want to transfer them here.

I personally use: LG MJ1 3500mAh 10A (

High capacity, but lower max discharge rate of 10A compared to what people usually use as the minimal of 20A.

I get 18 miles of range with 20 of them, although with a low kV motor, 19/30 gearing and 4S5P my max flat speed is 12 mph.

Nkon is a pretty good place to get Li-Ion cells by consumers in the EU area.


You should do a build thread - that deck looks awesome. Would love to read how it was made.


You can see more info in this Imgur album I have made a while back.


Amazing - well done. Do you have some info on how you made the enclosure? And how is the flex of the deck after removing so much wood?

interesting concept :smiley: :+1:

yah its a bit different. Here you go:

“Sony does not want consumers using their cells. It doesn’t make any sense that Sony would just abruptly exit a lucrative business making 18650 cells for industrial use. Their cells were never meant to be used directly by the end consumer and for this reason they have drastically cut the number of companies/manufacturers they sell to and therefore currently only sell to very large manufacturers of battery packs (laptops, drills, power banks, OEM use, etc). Because of this, there are fewer and fewer suppliers/distributors who can get their hands on the legitimate Sony cells and sell them abroad.”

added them :+1:

I drew the board’s two pieces in 2D CAD and then figured out the size of the recesses by measuring the cells and electronics with a caliper. I then had them CNC routed and milled by a local company with me providing the 15 mm birch plywood for material.

The board does have a little bit of flex, but with me at 80 kg and with my wide stance and feet near the trucks it doesn’t pose a problem. I did however take a note of the flex when my taller and heavier friend got on it, with his feet closer to the center how much the flex was due to his larger weight and narrower stance.

I’m planning to adjust the geometry of the pieces a little bit to provide a bit more support and lessen the flex.

Ive been hearing great things about the VTC 5A, from what i understand Sony took the VTC5 and tweaked the chemistry so they perform better in cordless vacuums. I would love to try a pack of these but there a little too expensive for me.

i think the price tag is the reason why noone sees them around

I’m really torn to use the Sony VTC6 batteries, 20% more range is really appealing

It is! If you have the extra moneys and get genuine ones

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HI think my next build will be a 12s4p VTC6s. But it won’t be until the summer.

Afaik only liion wholesale has authentic in the us.

Vtc6 batteries do not deliver the rated performance. Actually they are not even better than HG2 cells. So no need to pay the higher price just for the sony name.

Edit: i posted a discharge curve some time ago when they were brand new and I wanted to show them to @whitepony

I cannot post my research but it usually falls right in line with what Henrik has on his site.

VTC6 vs HG2 @5A

VTC6 vs HG2 @10A

VTC6 vs HG2 @15A

E:upped fixed images. As you can see, VTC6 have not only more Ah, but also less voltage sag, which turns into a nice gain in energy. E2: @5A its roughly a gain of 0.8Wh/cell or 8.5% and it only gets better as your power draw gets higher.

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