Li ion with no bms?

is it possible to run li ion cells with no bms if so how many cells are neccessary?

Yes it is. I wouldn’t recommend it though.

Necessary for what?

to run without a bms

You can use any amount of batteries without a BMS. The more cell count, the more discouraged.

would basen 26650 cells in 8s3p work?

that would be 180a burst roughly and 120a cont

Your question isn’t making sense. You can use any amount of cells. A BMS is an extra safety measure for your ESC, motor etc. You won’t have Overcharge and overdischarge protection, not to mention no cell balancing.

no im saying can i use just the cells no bms when discharging the cells without damaging them and if so say an 8s setup how manys cells would i need for it to be safe

I like this guy

Thinking the same thing @willpark16 I think building a battery more than you need would allow you to use a pack without a bms safely


thanks a ton for the link!!!

Yes you can run without bms.

and how many cells would u suggest

any amount is fine there is no wrong number.

it doesnt matter

well i cant run 10s 1p no bms

yes you can.

why do you think you cant.

because no bms would over exaust the cells if say i try and go 30mph

no thats not true. the cells will always have the same amp output. the bms may regulate that output lower and limit it. But you wont over exhaust the cells if you dont run a BMS. The cells will just discharge whatever theyre capable of discharging without a bms to limit it.

running most Lion cells in 1p is not a good idea. bms or not.
Unless youre going to 26650 cells.

so if im running basen cells in 2p with no bms at 10s id be fine? and if so why do people use a bms instead of just a normal charger

You’ll be fine. At least have a fuse in case of a short. BMS with a laptop single plug style charger is a lot easier to charge and use.

A “normal” charger in meaning a common lipo balance charger then the reason for not using them is that it requires a lot more effort to charge your battery.

A BMS also monitors when the board is in use, not just while charging.