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LifePo batteries in series

I’m a little confused by LifePo batteries and how they work out when wiring in series…

I’d like to end up with 8s (if you saw my other post about what happened with my LiPo’s, the update is that I’m in the market for new batteries…)

I’m looking at a LifePo4 that is 4S2P. I think that means two 4s batteries wired in parallel for a lot of mAh. If I got two of these 4S2P and wired them in series, would I end up with 8S? Or 16S?

I’m sure that two packs that are 4S1P would end up with 8S but I’m a little confused about the 4S2P setup…

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parallel is just adding more run time (the mah rating) to the pack. It will still have a 4s equivalent voltage, and therefore, become 8s in series.

so yep, you’re good to get two of those batteries and create an 8s output when wired together!

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It’s like there’s two 4s batteries in parallel. That’s all.

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Thanks guys, that’s what I thought. This should be a pretty sweet setup.

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looks like everyone has already covered this for you.

but seeing as this question pops up a lot here’s a picture:

I used 3S as an example, but theory is the same for all. parallel add mAh. Series add Cells.