Lifepo4 Zippy batteries?

So I ran across these when searching for a battery for my new budget commuter board. After my :fire: I am pretty cautious when it comes to batteries. These seem to be a good deal. Anyone tried them out?

what i realized the hard way is that the C rating is always over estimated with these packs. you should go for at least 60c pack and capacity of 5000mAh. you can find good deals on hobby king right now even with your budget. just keep checking everyday because different packs are going on sale every day. last week i was able to pick up the absolute best packs HK sells the, the graphenes for under $30.

Edit: like these are great:

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I intended to do a 6s 2p with these for a 12s 8.2ah pack. Same rated amp output as you 1p 60c batteries


ahh ok that makes sense. i have never used this pack so i cant comment on the performance.

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I use zippy compact lipos 4500mah 6s x4, Haven’t given me any issues. Never tried their lifepo4 though

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not sure how good or bad they are but it you use a bms you need a lifepo4 bms to hook em up to


I’ve been curious about these Headway 38120 LiFePo cells. A 12s1p pack of these would put out 12 * 3.3V * 100A = 3960W, compared to a 10s5p pack of 30Q cells 10 * 5 * 3.7V * 20A = 3700W, at about 5mm thicker than a double-stack of 18650s.