Light longboard build... Hi5ber deck?

Looking to build a lighter long board. I love the evo deck but it’s too heavy for a commuter board.

Any suggestions???

I used a hi5ber deck, I originally had a marbel board so I was used to a stiff deck which is why I went with hi5ber. Super light and very strong. Only issue I have is the concave shape. While standing on it for a while I notice a bit of fatigue in my back leg. Otherwise it’s good!

I bought a hi5ber limelight last year, so far so good. I’m not sure how it will hold up long term yet, I have it set up as my wet weather deck so it doesn’t get used constantly. I’m 100kg so I got the extra lamination, I’m not sure if it was this extra lamination or not but my top resin layer wasn’t up to my expectations. It is pocked, covered in little star shaped holes like not enough resin was used. I guess when it eventually breaks i’ll be able to see if it also effected the other layers or if it was causal to the failure. I still think they are good for what you pay, just don’t have too high a expectation on QC.

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Yeah I bought the Zenith and don’t recall getting extra lamanination :man_shrugging:t2: But I have the trucks spread as much as possible, have drilled lots of holes and I currently weigh 215lbs and it’s held up for the last year! Also lots of rough terrain here