Lights for Hummie deck

Hi everyone,

I’ve got the Hunmie deck and I was hoping to get some lights but I wanted something as discrete as possible.

The Hunmie deck has slots at the front and rear. Has anyone made anything to fit in this gap? Seems like the perfect spot! 59


Cheers, Daniel

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My initial idea was to print a custom light to go there, you can buy just the LED’s and driver way cheaper than the fully assembled lights

image image I printed a cover and stuck the cheapo bike lights in from Lidl or Aldi. There’s a hole for the button and little retainer for the rubber loop on the lights. They’re about £1.50 a set.


@Pedrodemio that was exactly my idea. I was going to buy a light, strip the inners, wire it up to the main battery unit (after it’s been through a step down converter), have a case 3d printed and away we go. I don’t have access to a 3d printer though!

@bigben that’s smart! Perfect temporary solution as I’ve already got some of them lights. Hook a guy up with a couple of them 3d prints? :slight_smile:

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I forget, but I think the Shredlight without the rubber would fit nicely in the slot?

Absolutely can do. Might be a moment or two as the work is getting in the way of life…

@Mikenopolis that’s interesting. I’ll check them out.

@bigben that’s fine dude! Whenever suits you mate :+1: