Lightweight Mini Cruiser | 190kv 6354 | 2x 3s 5000 mAh Lipo | 6s ESC

Hi, I’ve been reading for a few days and think I have a plan for my lightweight mini-cruiser. The main goal is portability: I’ll be riding where there are virtually no hills, for commuting purposes, max distance is ~10km and I’m 110 lbs. I want this board to be as light as possible (less than 10 lbs would be awesome). I’m a total skateboard newbie, so top speed is not a priority (I’m thinking 15km/hr would be plenty). Here’s my plan:

Motor: 190 kv 6354 + ESC: 6s ESC + Mini-contoller: sold in a bundle here

Batteries (i’ll get two of these):

Pulleys and belt:

I have the deck, trucks, wheels, etc. I’ll make my own motor mount and weld onto the trucks. I’ll probably also need a battery charger and other miscellaneous stuff (bolts, connectors, etc) which I’m sure I can find on someone else build on this forum.

I have a couple of questions, in case anyone has recommendations:

  1. Is it worth upgrading the motor to the 6374? What about the controller? Upgrade it to 12s? I figure two 3s batteries should be good enough for my purposes, but any input would be appreciated…

  2. Is it worth upgrading to a VESC? From the reviews I’ve read, it seems better, but also more complicated and more expensive…

  3. ON/OFF switch: will a super-cheap switch work? ie: I’m not sure why a switch would cost 55$:

I’ll post pictures as soon as I get the board and components! thanks in advance!

Welcome to esk8!

since you have no hills and youre a very light rider you should go for a hub motor if its in your budget. its much simpler and cleaner then a belt drive, but you would want a vesc and higher voltage…

look at

also for the on/off switch you need a special one for the high current, regular contact switches just can’t handle it!

Hi Cat Sounds like a good plan ! Have you read this list of commonly used parts? For that range and your size I think 6s would be OK. If you buy a vesc from the same place you buy your motor it will likely come ready to plug and play. Check out this speed calculator Here

Hey @saul Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll check out Carvon, but I think it might be a little over my budget! And thanks for the explanation on the switch, i guess I’ll have to pony up the 55$… cheers!

Hey @Jebe, First of all, thanks for the input! Yes, I saw the list of commonly used parts, and I think most of the stuff I’m planning to buy is listed on that page… And yes thanks on the speed calculator. With the part I’m planning, I think the top speed comes in at ~20km/hr, which should be more than enough for me…

Also, I’m thinking of just going with a 6s ESC, but do you think I’d be better off splurging and getting a VESC? This might make upgrading my system easier down the road, if i ever want more speed or range…

your welcome, its really not much more since it includes or you don’t need the belts, pulleys, mount, wheels, trucks. I ride a belt drive because I have lots of hills, but i’ve broken belts, mounts, even a motor…just so much matenence and tuning.

I have not tried that 6s esc, but I do have a very similar one from hobbyking and it is pure crap compared to a vesc! if you plan on upgrading, you should really just start with the vesc.