Lightweight Portable Cruiser Build

Greetings fellow skate-heads. First time poster long time reader of the E.S. forum and have recently been haunting these pages!

As much fun as it was around the streets, I decided sell my Evolve Bamboo. It was great fun but a bit impractical for toting on and off the train. Due to the overall length and the motor all the way to the end it made for an unwieldy bit of kit.

I have been eyeing the market for something that would be best suited as a “last mile” run about. @RunPlayBack 's recent Jet Spud build ticks all the boxes for me! What a fantastic piece of work… you should be commended sir.

I’ve started to run the numbers and its looking something like the following (in AUD):. Carbon -single hub $569.00 (Or Enertion kit) Spacecell $459.00 Vest (Enertion) $139.00 Exertion remote $138.00 Smart cell case $85.00 Cruiser deck $80

Grand total :$1470

As you can see the $$$ really starts to creep up there and this doesn’t count for any additional contingencies.

Reading through a number posts, its clear that there will certainly be some trial and error. A couple threads highlight the sensitive nature of the VESC so I could expect needing to order 2.

I am totally on board with the DIY movement but Iam staying to keep around the $1000ish mark. Other than the inherent limitations of working with a mass produced option, are there any reasons why parting out something like this (out of China) and reapplying it to my own configuration wouldn’t make sense? It is supposed to have quality components…$950AUD Any comments/ advice would be appreciated!

Motor:1200W Battery:8.8Ah (Samsung Cells) Control system:Bluetooth wireless control Speed:≤50Km/h Range:≤30Km Max Load:100Kg Weight:5Kg


The drive train on this I would say is stronger than enertion. Its all metal, 12mm drive belt, and you can change the drive wheel in less than 30 seconds.

It would be very easy to mod and use your own speed controller or vesc in this system and use the current setup with battery and drive train.

If you want I can sell you one without speed controllers for $750.00 AU


Nice, looks pretty clean inside that case. I recognize that carpet too. Is there any adjustability on the belt setup? It does look solid though.

No adjust ability on the belt, The engine gear and the drive gear are mounted exactly where they need to be for the belt to mount properly.

@crabolsy I was actually about a click away from getting the Evolve Bamboo until I saw how long it was, that was the only factor that pushed me towards a DIY build. The fact that you sold it feels like you’re leaning towards the same direction. Although it’s more expensive I think you’ll find more value in building it yourself as opposed to modding a production board since there’s more info on DIY parts than integrated systems. Since you commute with it like I do, having a compact, stealthy build is essential, the Carvon Single Hub and 29" Jet Spud was the magic combo for me. I take it all over the city and in FOC mode, people have no idea that it’s an electric board. If you want more detail on what it felt like to do my first DIY build check out my article here. And if you want to see it in action check out my vids. There’s a lot of discussion of specs around here but not enough videos of actual riding.

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@RunPlayBack thanks again for this inspiration. Your attention to detail was really first rate. A fantastic writeup too. Feel like putting it into a box and shipping down under :smile:?

Is the vacformed smartcell case is still available for order? That is now on my list of parts! Are you happy with the remote you’ve hooked up?

I have a bit of a conundrum right now… Do I wait it out and slowly work towards my own build (this is the right choice) or do I go for the instant gratification of bying somethings I can ride next week! Although I don’t have the finances right now, I am leaning towards both. I think I’ll by something to use as a commuter for asap (missing my board already) and stretch outrage build over 2-3 months. Bying the diy parts one piece at a time as I can afford them. Might start with the USA purchases first (carvon and case) and then do the battery and vesc from enertion in the second stage. Genius!

Yup, the enclosure is available and made to order. Use promo code ANNARBOR and you’ll get 15% off. I’m happy with @torqueboards mini remote, no drop outs, no issues. I’ve dropped it a few times while riding and it’s still going strong. I think buying the DIY parts one at a time is a good idea and is easier on the bank account.

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Most awesome thanks!

So I’ve made the base purchase for my build… A Landyatchz Topspeed 34".

I was so very close to pulling the trigger on the Spud but thought better to of it and extend the WB out a bit further (Iam 6’3" ). I’ve started to piece together what I am going to order for the other components but have a quick question perhaps for @onloop regarding fitment of his pro+ spec along with the new space cell.

The topspeed has a WB of 25.25" whilst the space cell will take up approx 22". Until recently I was convinced I was going with the carvon set up but the us dollar conversion and recent price increase makes it prohibitive. My question is if I go with the outrigger with space I have (3.25") suffice to get the motor in shy of the cell?

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That is a sweet looking deck! The Spud is definitely too small for your height, good call.

Thanks man. I’ve been looking for one for a while based purely on how it looks, but I am really happy with how it feels under foot. The flared wheel wells really lock your feel in. If I go with the out rigger option, @RunPlayBack I may still need to look at using your spacecell case to provide enough space. Without the truck kit in hand, I’m not sure how it will sit in relation to the pack.

I could afford a single hub cavon but through reports I’m starting to realize that a double Hub would be better for me (90kg).


Yeah I’d go with the double hub for your size. Definitely worth it and its super stealthy on FOC mode :slight_smile:

Can anyone tell me Hiw much room I’ll need in front of the wheelbase location for the pro+ spec motor and enertion mount? I want to couple it with the spacecell but I am not sure if There will be sufficient room. I am guessing it will be close.

I’m on an upgrade using a 28inch deck with 13 3/4inches between the trucks…I can fit a 6s lipo and electronics … Planing on putting a NTM 50/60 on 6s … Of course I will be adding lights and ground effects

What might help also is using angle risers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I use them on all my builds and gives me some space

Man I want this board now

Thanks @Michaelinvegas. If been watching your thread too. Fun project.

3.25" is what I will have between the front edge of the rear truck mount and what would be the spacecell. Can anyone tell me what the projection of the pro spec+ Enertion kit will be? @onloop could you please confirm this will be enough clearance?

The angled riser could afford a little tweaking too… Good call.