LiHv 12s with VESC 4.12

I’ve been running my board at 12s with no problems for 300km. The batteries I used for this build are LiHV which are full at 4.35v per cell however I’ve only been charging to 4.2 per cell out of fear of a fried VESC.

Question is do I need to grow some balls and charge my batteries fully gaining 3Ah across the series pack or am I right to keep playing it safe?

I love the raw power available at 12s so let’s not revisit the 10s /12s debate…

What VESC you’re using?

@Deckoz using 13S Li-Ion = 54,6V fully charged

you 4,35 * 12S = 52,2

depends on the VESC, low quality can be an issue but voltage should be not that problem…

still, its risky while braking getting overvoltage, but i dont see this as a problem


LiHV puff when you charge them to 4.35 regularly… In my experience they last longer then lipo when only charged to 4.20 in regards to life cycles.

As far as 52.2v on a vesc… 54.6v here(13s)


Using this VESC, max temp I see in telemetry is 39C

My main concern was over voltage on braking…

OT: this fu**ing seller sent me the wrong motors once and never responded again when i told him. they never came from uk, they came from china so i had to pay VAT and toll…

its 4.12 so it can handle this voltage, but i would never use a low quality VESC with that high voltage… but since you’re using 12S i think those 2 volts more should cause no issue imo

I had trouble with a drv faulting VESC from them… I opened a Paypal dispute and they eventually refunded the VESC and then sold me another for £40 delivered as an apology!! They had been crap till I opened a dispute…

I figured I could mainly run at 4.2 and then go for 4.35 just for very long trips…

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did you ever try them on 4.35 i bought the biggest lihv i could find for 12s and wondering if the voltage spiked over 60 on you i havent finished the build yet

I never ran them at more than 4.2 and was just happy with the overhead for full charge braking.

It was fine on my trampa vesc6.