Liion Battery Group Buy! Any Cell for the 200 count price!

Well you guys asked for it, and the last one went smooth. So we are going to do another group buy from

I have created a poll to gauge what battery to buy. PLEASE ONLY VOTE IF YOU ARE GOING TO PARTICIPATE IN THE GROUP BUY

  • Basen IMR 26650 4500mAh 60A
  • LG HE2 18650 2500mAh 20A
  • LG HG2 18650 3000mAh 20A
  • Samsung INR18650-25R 2500mAh 20A

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Prices: Basen IMR 26650 Link: here

LG HE2 Link: here

LG HG2 Link: here

Samsung 25R (Tried and true, bought in the last group buy) Link: here

After we decide, I will collect all of your info (address, email, how many you want) and then liion will send out individual invoices with shipping ($8 - $15). So you pay liion directly. Everything should ship ‘immediately’ because they are all in stock.

On a side not I am going to organize a group buy for 6354 / 6374 190kv censored motors. All black stealth looking beauties. Should have details tomorrow, with steep discounts. Here is a sneak peak.

@barajabali @caustin @Michaelinvegas @Blacksheep @michaeld33 @Titoxd10001 @Jono503


I want to vote for 25R and Basen lol

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Haha all ways breaking the rules.

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Also make sure to comment if you are interested becasue it dosnt tell me who voted

Those motors come at a good time for me. Looking for 4wd motors, so must for dual on trucks. Safe to assume that works for the 6354 not 6374?

Yes 6354 would be perfectly fit your setup. That would be one beast of a board.

I’m voted. Depending on the outcome I’ll most likely be in.

how many 26650 do you need to make about 200kwh?

Not sure @barajabali would be able to answer that

Haha, still working out wheel pulleys for 107mm ABECs to pair with these motors…and 12s4p. At least I have 4 vesc in hand, look forward to seeing spec and pricing on the 6354 thanks!!

Will do. I have the specs, just need to finalize price and shipping.

I’d be in for lg hg2

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200Wh you mean? It is Voltage x Amp Hours.

10S2P would give you 333Wh.

what does 2p mean? i am kinda new to to 18650 and 26650

It means there are 2 cells in parallel for every series connection. Lets try to keep this on the group buy on topic, not how to batteries and questions. Not trying to be rude @pcbacon we all started somewhere on here but there is plenty of info on this forum.

okay okay thats all i needed to know but i might be in for 26650 if it wins

Ok sounds good, I didnt mean that comment in a negative way, its just the last buy got out of hand with questions that were not related.

yeah thats fine didnt take it negatively

Is there a big advantage to the HG2? It’s in between the price and capacity of the HE2 and Basen, and only $1 less than the Basen… Wouldn’t it be better in the long run, to spend $30 or so and get Basen Cells? They just seem quite a bit more expensive than the HE2 and Samsung 18650, and not that much less in cost than the Basen…

“Remember that adding other products in the Battery category to your cart will stack to a higher discount!”

I want to get 80 of these Panasonic/Sanyo NCR18650GA 18650 Flat Top Battery - 10A 3500mAh