Liion bms for 2 6s lipos with balance leads adapter

See parts below.

For charging, I have two options either I use my 6s balance charger which is not ideal because i would have to open the enclosure each time, or I could make a 2*6s to 12s balance lead adapter.

So the two 7 pin connectors on each lipo would plug into the adapter merging them into a 13 pin 12s connector which then plugs into the bms.

Is this safe?

Thanks a ton for any advice.

Here’s the parts I already have:

  • Fox Rampage full face mountain bike helmet
  • kneepads and armoured gloves
  • Custom board stiff with two fiber glass layers
  • MBoards Enclosure (415mm x 160mm x 40mm (really only 35mm))
  • Caliber II Trucks
  • 90mm wheels
  • Full belt drive system for caliber 2
  • 2 * 6354 190 kV motors
  • Stormcore 60D+
  • VX1 remote
  • 12s mboard BMS
  • 5A Lithium Charger for 12S
  • 6s balance charger.

Edited because my other questions were already covered else where.

Do neither option. Use a BMS and a brick charger.

I think were misunderstanding each other.

I would be using a bms and brick charger. The question is it okay to use a 12s bms for 2 * 6s lipos? I would make an adapter so that 13 wires (12s bms) would hook up to the 14 wires (7 per each 6s lipo).

On a completely separate note, I think im going to wait and save up for a 12s2p p42a anyway.

Thanks for the reply and good to hear from you, you gave me some advice back in 22.

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