*Limited Edition* 6374 190kv Sensored Dark Matter Motor **CLOSED**

Introducing the Dark Matter Motor

Caution: Explicit Content 😍

The perfect companion for your 10S build, will never exceed max erpm on VESC4 and delivers as much torque and speed as is possible. Works Sensored, Sensorless, Hybrid, BLDC, FOC. I personally inspect and test each motor; that involves a mechanical inspection and several motor detections to test the electrical components; 0 chance of a defective motor arriving in your hands. I can confidently say these motors are very well water resistant, windings and hall PCB covered in resin, magnets epoxied to can, the only thing that could be changed to make it waterproof would be ceramic bearings. Having ridden an earlier version of this motor for several hundred miles through the worst conditions, I can say the stock bearings are sufficient. They are black on black on black; did I mention they’re black?:yum: There are no logos or writing of any of kind.


  • 6374 190kv 3200W Semi-Sealed (True 74mm Length)
  • 12AWG High Strand Count Tinned Copper Flexible Silicone Phase Leads
  • 5.5mm Gold Plated Bullet Connectors
  • Focbox, VESC 4 Hall Sensor Connector (NO ADAPTER NEEDED)
  • 8mm Bore, Keyway, 2x Circlip Positions
  • N42SH Curved Magnets
  • Japan NSK Ball Bearings
  • Weight: 906 grams


  • 6S-12S (For VESC4 Longevity and Safety 6S-10S)

  • 30mm & 44mm Mounting Holes Pricing

  • Dark Energy Drive Set: 2 Dark Matter Motors $260 with shipping included within the US, intl shipping available, additional motors at $130

  • 1 Dark Matter Motor $140 with shipping included within the US, intl shipping available

  • Shipping Daily M-F From NYC, USPS with Tracking

  • Local Pickup Available

  • PayPal [email protected]

Color Options: Blackhole Black

These motors are being made in small batches, allowing me to thoroughly inspect them, and there will only be 1-2 more batches ordered, quantity determined by demand. I’m personally keeping 10 motors for all my current and future builds.

I can guarantee that you will receive motors ready to plug in, run detection and ride, if there’s some catastrophic failure in the first 30 days I will replace the motor and pay for the faulty one to be returned. In the long run I can promise to help diagnose and resolve any issues, within reason.

You read this much…you deserve something right? :smiley: Free 5.5mm Gold Plated Female Bullets 3x per Motor Free Black Oxide Mounting Screws M4x8mm 4x per Motor Free XT90 Panel Mount with each order


Hey man… How many do you have available. I’m gonna need two more motors in the coming weeks…

Looks like the shaft is 8mm with a 10mm *10mm step for a 10mm rider bearing? Correct?

So you don’t believe in the ole 12s 190kv with FOCBOX? I go back and forth on this a lot (IN MY MIND)…

They will work perfectly fine at 12S on the focbox, just the safest spot to be is 10S


No… @pshaw @longhairedboy and myself have all tested 13s… I know pshaw and I both have 190kv just fine…

110kerpm seems to be the focbox limit if you keep it under 105F


Yep that’s correct.

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I’m gonna pm you beginning of Feb for two. Hopefully you still have some. :sunglasses:

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I will, if not in this batch, next is coming mid-February

As a note, friends & family pricing was removed due to forum rules.

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Would these handle snow and brine?

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Indeed they will, just rinse them off or air blast if you have pressurised air Hall sensor PCB is resin coated


Most BLDC motors will. Just clean them afterwards or blow them off with air. :wink:

EDIT: @scepterr beat me to it. :wink:


12s should be fine, I weight 300lbs and I ride my dual 6374 set up hard on focbox and in the past week I’ve run about 100 miles with 0 problems no over heating. I flew up this bridge at 26mph with 20% battery, flying by cyclist up hill is one of the best joys of life.



This is the salt abuse I’ve subjected the one I’m using to,


Am I wrong or is this item a repurposed HDD motor form the 80’s when they were 10" wide and stacked 9 high? Old tech renewed again? hard-drive-625x352

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i’m gonna go out on a limb and say no :rofl:


lol no, these motors are being manufactured brand new for @scepterr.


Lol, I was waiting for the punchline, but it never came? :smile:


Love how you have a pulley there just in case. :slight_smile:


hehe not just the pulley…hanger clamp is already on and aligned :wink:


Haha. Didn’t even see that! Nice dude!

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