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Link an enclosure that can fit my battery please

I’ve been trying to find where I can get an enclosure that can fit my parallel battery set up. I was planning on making one, but I live in an apartment so I have no space to make one.

The size of this battery is 20½ in length 6 inches in width and 2½ inches in height. Thanks to anyone who can help.

Hey there!. So just FYI. Eboardsperu has the enclosures. Alas I just spent $170 on the emtb enclosure and he sent me some flat one not even close. Has not answered a single email or phone call I made to peru from Colorado. So I would not reccomend. Wrong product and ignored. Luckily I can use it for my evolve gtx upgrade. Heres another site I just found selling eboards perus enclosures as well. I emailed them this am and waiting to hear before I order anything. hope this helps some. Im trying my ass off to learn composites. I know cad cam g code and cncs. My 3 attempts so far are eh.

also apparently he will make custom enclosures as well you just have to order 3 to cover mold cost. But if its 3 wrong ones whats the point. And tje craftsmanship is so kickass!!! Its a damn shame. First interaction ever left a bad taste.

Thanks for the information. I’ll try it out.

Srry late getting response. Alls well at Eboards peru!!. Alans email was Down and he is righting it!. Definitely contact Him foe an enclosure. His sites got a ton of options or he does custom.