Linky portable e-skate

this is a pretty cool concept foldable e- skateboard

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It actually looks pretty sweet! I’m not a huge fan of th deck’s shape/design, and I’m skeptical about that tiny motor, but otherwise it seems pretty cool

I actually quite like the shape and design, much better looking than that “case board” design. I also like that it fits in a back pack. I grow tired of having to carry my 40" deck around the shops while also trying to get grocery’s.


It’s one of those things where it’s so simple, and you just think to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

That reminds me i need to finish developing the skate strap idea i had a while back. It would let you cary your 40+" eboard (i have one too, i feel ya) over your shoulder like a back pack. Or like a Ninja Turtle, whichever you prefer.

They have something like that already for regular boards, but i think since some of these rigs weigh as much as 20 pounds, the strap idea needs some attention in the comfort department.


I appreciate this in concept, but wonder whether it would take the abuse of daily commuting. Looks like it would feel a little “Sky Mall” to me :smile:

@claudiofiore88 @longhairedboy I was thinking of getting something like this

The quicksilver store by my house is closing down, and they were selling everything for like 70% off. They had a dc skateboard backpack got like $20. I should’ve bought it. I think they might have closed already now that I think of it.

That’s pretty sweet actually. What I have in mind doesn’t have the bag component though. And will probably be covered in beer caps because i have a giant bag of them i’ve been saving to craft with for almost 10 years now.

I would expect that hinge system to get sloppy and noisy over time.

It looks really flexy in the video.

Not good flexy like a loaded board either

Yeah that concerns me too. although it appears to be made out of carbon fibre, so its probably quite strong. only time will tell I suppose.

bamboo, carbon fiber, and high tech plastic.

Why don’t they paint it pink, put a mirror finish on one side and call it the Compact? Then they can sell it with a purse instead of a backpack and capture an entirely new market.

I like the idea, but I think it’ll have some issue with the structure. For example, will the hing move when you hit bumps or pebbles. This reminds me of the razor scooters. Everyone had to get a razor because they could fold up. But that hing was terrible, bending every time I stood on it, making tricks or even riding it dangerous.

And people can’t judge hill steepness. To say it can go up 12% is useless for most people. There will be people of try for steeper hills and will break their boards. Why not at least put a dual drive?

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That would likely put the price out of thier comfortable margin. Double the motors means double the money on the whole drive system.

The thing is, if you want something to work, you don’t build it as cheaply as possible. You build it as sound as possible with the price in mind. my competitive skateboard for example, costs almost $300, far above your typical non-motorized skateboard. However, Its packed full of technology, including ceramic balled bone bearings, 6 layers of Canadian maple + 1 layer of carbon fiber in my deck, and titanium trucks (much lighter and 2.5 times stronger than steel trucks). However, I can actually use it for what it was meant for, which is skateboard fast, hard, and big stuff.

This may end up being a great board. But until I try it myself, its just a great idea, not a great board.

Nice! You have any pics of that bad boy? Have any race pics? It would be awesome to see some!

I feel yah. I’ve got about about $250 in my push board all said and done, and i’m not even using titanium trucks, just caliber IIs. Its totally worth it though. Super stable, stupid fast, feels great in fast carves, and takes a fast downhill with no worry of wobbles. I’m sure if i rode your board i’d feel the quality right away too.

But that’s not the objective with this device in my opinion. This is high margin hardware designed to leverage the current PEV environment to extract money from people who have it laying around and don’t know what to do with it.

I didn’t want to say it was total crap because that would be unprofessional.


I don’t have any picture of it per say, as I switch decks at least once a month due to wear a tear and just changed trucks, as I wore out the pivot cup in my old pair (I did have them for almost 2 years).

But here’s my latest video part which has the board in it:


nice moves! stay steezy my friend.

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Thanks my friend. Now if I could just combine electricity and tricks together… lol. But that will likely never happen.

@longhairedboy that’s what I was getting at when I referred to it as “Sky Mall” … for those who don’t use Delta Airlines, the “Sky Mall” catalog is an in-flight catalog where you can buy a lot of low-quality novelty items, like a fake dinosaur head or other crap that will break as soon as you unwrap it.