Lipo Batteries = 6s3p?

Is there a way to use hobby style lipo batteries to make a 6s3p? I was wondering this becuse I would also like to use the Miami Boards charging port adaptor ( and be able to charge it using a V2 IMAX b6 charger with out having to take the batteries out.

Thanks for the help I think that that would work and the picture simplifies it alot more thanks. Just to clarify all I would do is connect 3 6s batteries is parral then solder the balence leads together to form one.

No, you connect the batteries in parralel, assuming they are 6s batteries but you do NOT solder the balance leads together. That equals big big fire. Check with @Namasaki, but I think you would have to charge them individually.

I would use multiple 2s or 3s in series and then get a balance lead convertor, like a x2 3s to 6s balance lead convertor.

Ok thanks for telling me this becuse I would of been dumb enough to do it

I have run Lipos in parallel to have 6s/10ah but I always disconnected them for charging. Charging Lipos in parallel is possible but not recommended.