Lipo battery split. Does it make a difference?

So that’s all pretty clear so far. Just my thoughts, without to say that the c-rating is correct or not. If to look on the point that I want to reduce the voltage sag, yes it depends on the internal resistance, BUT it also very much depends on the load (current) drawn from the battery. To go single pack 12s1p hk Graphen lipos 6000mah and 65c or dual 12s1p hk heavy duty 5000mah 60c, i think the Heavy Duty version get less stress on the single cell. Less output current, less sag double ah, double range for even less money. Can’t say anything about cycle life but in „theory“ and on the paper it looks like this for me. Need to find some reviews why the heavy duty lipos worse than the others

And a 4wd don’t need to be so much more expensive. Just to look I can buy 2vesc 6 from trampa or 4 escapes from stewii…same price… But I agree, in every built you shouldn’t safe in important quality parts like the batteries


Excellent! Glad to see such a well informed thought process. Andy, despite the major setback you had with the fire ( :sob::sob::sob: ) you’re really kicking ass in this “hobby” (lol @b264 ). Can’t wait to see your next board, document the process!!

Edit: thanks @pixelsilva !!