LiPo BMS Setup, initial charging question

As I’m looking to start my first board, I’ve been researching like crazy. My intention is to run a 10s or 12s multiple LiPo setup. I plan to utilize a charge only BMS.

As I’m new to the hobby I do not own a LiPo charger. I intend on running the BMS charging through 42v 2a hoverboard charger. I know that when initially wiring the BMS the LiPos should be balanced.

Is there an easy solution without having to by a LiPo charger? I realize I’ll eventually need one but will likely go 18650 after my initial setup.

If buying your batteries from HobbyKing they are generally all within about 0.02v of each other which is perfectly fine to hook straight up to the bms without further balancing

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Thanks for the quick reply, one less item I have to immediately.

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Normally they come balanced with a storage charge but you need to check them with a volt meter before using them because it is possible to get Lipos with bad cells right out of the box. I got 2 bad 6s packs from hobby king once in a single shipment. They where quick to send replacements but I had to submit photos showing the under voltage cells.