Lipo loose lead wire need help

So I was riding my board yesterday and my board kept shutting off. I opened my enclosure and checked all my wires. I seen a little spark coming from one of my lipo positive lead.I notice that the positive lead wire kinda slides up and down a little bit. Was thinking of opening the package and resolder it or something but then I’ll have an expose lipo. Can I just wrap it back up with electric tape ? Is it okay to resolder it since it’s loose ? Is this safe to do ?What should I do ?

You need to open up the pack and solder (spotweld if you can) the wire back to the tab. Did you check with a multimeter?

No spot welder. Was thinking just throw extra solder onto it to make it solid and not move. But can I rewrap the lipo with electric tape since I don’t have big heat shrinks ?

Yes, that would do just fine.

Positive lead wire came right off once I got the plastic off. When I touch the postive lead wire to the place it use to be it just keeps sparking. Probably just gonna threw this lipo away

You should be fine. Shouldn’t be too hard to get the job done.

Obiviously you have a short in somewhere. Lipo might be done tough.

seems like you are contacting more than one spot on the lipo. If you connected it to the appropriate terminal it would not spark at all. seems like you are touching two or more together

@Tuomalar @E1Allen Yea I was touching the wrong spot Gonna end up trashing it, luckily I have a spare 3s battery

might not need to trash it. unless they are way under voltage. Sparking probably isn’t the end of the world

This happened to on of my hard packs. I just replaced it. I would definitely not continue to use a battery that’s making sparks. Probably ok if you can re-solver the wire

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I tried soldering the wire back to the tab but the tab is not letting me to solder my wire to it. The solder just runs right off the tab

Might be aluminum tabs

Rosin core solder? Use of flux on the tab will help the solder stick.

@Namasaki The sparks are just from the leads touching. Its only a 12v pack he should be fine so long as there is no puffing/low voltage cells

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I would not roll with battery that has a loose wire sparking.

I 100% agree. But if he put the wire back in the right spot it won’t spark or be loose.

It is rosin core. Also applied flux to the tab, still won’t stick. Probably just to be safe to not use it. Lucky it was only a 3s 5000mah one

Only if he could solder it to the tab. Otherwise it’s still a loose connection sparking and causing heat

That’s odd. I’ve never had issues turning larger packs into smaller packs. Easy enough to get another one I guess.

It looks to me like the tab broke off. Did the solder joint fail or was it that the tab broke off. In any case $20 isn’t worth it. Discharge it, dispose of it properly and get a new one.

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