LiPo market news. Improvements

I just had some time searching in the wide, wild Lipo section of Hobbyking for something new. And I found these:

Currently out of stock, but I think this would be one of the cheapest and best ways to build a pack!

6600mah 2S 65~130C for 21€?? What??


What are you guys currently buying, Lipo-wise? Have you found something similar?

It is not much cheaper (imo)…

VTC6 ~ 5€ - 3120mah 2S2P = 2S 6240mah 2S * 2P = 4 cells 4 cells * 5€ = 20€

So the difference is not that big…

PS: i have bought Zippy Flightmax 6S 8Ah ~ 60€ (when it was discounted)

You´re right, but I´m only talking about Lipos here. And I have my next Trampa 8S setup in mind, so I need cells with at least 300A discharge rate (two 150A 8S ESCs). So these high discharge cells are really unique for that pricetag :slight_smile:

Nano Tech: 2S - 6.6Ah - 21€ –> 6S - 6.6Ah - 63€

Graphene 6S - 8Ah - 55€

I would highly recommend going through the bargain bin at hobbyking :wink:

still only 15C! Like I said, for people who needs juice on command :smiley:

Put 4 in parallel and you are good to go :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, you are right. I should have read it more carefully -.-"

Just saw, the 2s2p nanotech is in stock again for EU peops! 63€ for an awesome 6s2p with 6600mah with tons of power!