Lipo parallel charging

Hey guys,

i’ve decided for my build that ill use two 6s lipos in parallel. im working now on building the box and waiting for vescs and mech to arrive.

my aim is to have the batteries discarge in parallel trough the dischare cables and to solder a parallel 6s balance lead for charging.

1st i would like to know, will it be possible to charge only trough the balance leads in parallel without connecting the discharge red and black cables to the charger?

2nd, could someone help me and explain the wiring diagram for the parallel cable? i’ve ordered these to serve both the purpuse of the parallel 6s lead cable and for wiring the kama nyko to the vesc :smile:

1st: it would technically be possible but you would probably struggle finding a charger that would accept doing that… it would also be a very long processus due to the size of our batteries and the tiny size of the balance plug cables 2nd: you basically need to connect the same wire on each battery together (be sure both your batteries are fully charged before doing this so there is no voltage difference beet when your two batteries)

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I need some help and for some reason, I can not post a topic So I have all my parts on the way but I am having a little trouble with the schematic of my e-board. I have 2 5000 Mah 6s 30c lipo packs (Turnigy) I want to run them in Parallel but also want to not have to open the bottom up every time I need to charge the batteries I know you can charge in parallel. I am going to use a 3 position switch. I have a very rough copy of what I was thinking.