Lipo Power Supply Enigma/Electric Mountain Board

Alright guys, I need this mystery solved.

I have this charger

Specs are on this site- charger-w-wireless-cellphone-charging

and 2 of these batteries

Specs Minimum Capacity: 12000mAh Cell Count: 6 / 22.2V Constant Discharge: 12C Peak Discharge (10sec): 24C Pack Weight: 1650g Pack Size: 183 x 77 x 58mm Charge Plug: JST-XH Discharge Plug: XT90

I want to speed up charging safely. From what I understand, I need a DC power supply for this charger in order to do this.

I want to charge at 1C. What specs does this power supply need to have? Namely wattage.

Here is everything I have.

If it is home use charger I would take 2x PC power supplies and hook them up.

Ideal would be to run the charger from 24v, max is 30v, but 24v is harder to get.

If u can get hands on server power supplies, these are even better.

For pc power supply, u will need to connect one wire (sometimes green one) to ground I think, to activate it.

Then connect to 12v lines.

If u got 12ah x 2, u need 12amp charge power per channel.

Seems like charger can do 30A max, combining 2 channels. But that 15Amp rating is tricky, if 15A is total u only can charge with 7.5A per pack.

For input vs output power check rc forums or other places. Calculation formula should be there.

Though most pc power supplies are 300W+ alteady

You are right about the 15x2. I just need definitive specs for a power supply that can charge both of these batteries at 1c

Well u cant go wrong using 300-350W PSU’s. Thats close to max charger can do / take anyway

Why not use a BMS and brick charger?

Ive been playing around with that idea. But trying to work with what I already have


30 amps for 12v in your case to get 350W power for charger…

Start from 2nd reply, just put in numbers u got.

With input voltage in the lower range let say 12 volt instaed of 18 volt, the current rise for the charger output power to reach up to 400 watt. 400 watt / 18 volt = 22 amp, 400 watt / 12v = 33 amp needed

Are you referring to the specs in the link that you set?

Did you actually mean 350? 30Ax12V=360.

Also, each port can max at 325W. Sot it would be 650W over all.

Your last post with the links disappeared, not sure if I accidentally did it or if the site is glitching. Mind resposting?

Scroll down, HP power supply is mentioned there.

Maybe forum glitched.

If u didnt get the idea, higher wattage power supply is recommended here. U dont want your supply failing, if u run it at max limit all the time (though im sure these supplies are sturdy and can take a beating and have safety factors built into them)

U just need the whatever max wattage your charger can take at the specified volts, in your case thats up to 30v, but these supplies will give 12v, which is just fine.

So yes, more is welcome, less is worse. If u took 200W supply thats all the charger could do, otherwise it wouldnt allow to charge or your power supply would restart itself or maybe just get super hot (if it was a dumb one)

Some good ready to use solutions

(Less head room, if budget allows take bigger one)

Is that a straight up charger, or just the supply

It is power supply, it should say this in title…

Just making sure. And that paired with my charger would charge my batteries at 1c?

It should… it is rated for more than your charger can do, your max is 2x 325W = 650W

So, if u got these 10-20usd extra take 1200W version to have some headroom, otherwise 750W should work good as well,.

In your case, if u charge at 12A (1c) per channnel, max wattage should be close to 300w anyway, after 4.1v per cell or even sooner, the charge power should drop…

With that in mind, power supply should see around 50amps total, so around 600W probably + 10-15% more, due to transformation losses or so.

So yeh, decision is up to you.

Theres also fancy power supplies costing over 100usd, sometimes 200usd made especially for hobby chargers… they output around 1000W as well, just cost more and have more fancy enclosure/case and might have display for input/output wattage and so on.

Just showing u budget friendly options.

And yes, more headroom the better, so u might as well take bigger version (1200W), maybe fan wont be as noisy.

Though 750W version takes 9A from wall, check how much it is for 1200W version

Not sure where other forum members are. I just have numbers, maybe others have direct experience.

U might check the other forum as well, for more help

Hi I’m new here but thought I’d chip in my 2cents.

I have been flying race drone for a while and found the best power supply to be a server PSU. Relatively inexpensive.

Quick search found this :point_down: you can search for better.

Oops not allowed to share link sorry. Easy to find tho

I run a 1200w psu. Which is way more than you’d need to charge those at 1c. Sorry no number it’s just plenty😇 But hey if your charger can handle it then you can bump it up to 2 or 3c if your in a hurry. Obviously slower is better for your batterys.

You can run at 12v or 24v depending what your charger can handle. Higher voltage would be more efficient.

I run 24v on multiple isdt charger and use parallel boards when charging multiple packs at once.

Hope this is of some help to you.

Here a vid I just found showing how to do it :upside_down_face: not allowed to post link, just search server psu for lipo

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Hey my friend. May I ask what type of motors you’re using they look to be the colors-blue??