Lipo series vs parallel options Trampa build

Looking for some help to make the decision on my battery options running 12s. I’ve decided using max amps brand lipos for my build with a capacity of 8000mah, I’ve got two options to how I achieve my desired capacity. Option 1: 2 x 8000mah 6s packs connected in series. These are dual core packs which I assume is there terminology for 2P.

Option 2: 2 x 4000mah 12s packs connected in parallel to achieve 8000mah These are 1P packs but I will end up with a 2P configuration running two any how.

So what I need to know is is there any benefit in running either of there combinations as far as performance and durability goes, I’m not worried about spending a bit more money to buy a 12s charger, more so about getting the most power and durability. Cheers Gleno

Both of those are way overpriced

HobbyKing has 8000mah 4S lipos for under $50. Put three in series, and you’ve just saved yourself almost $450

Or buy a li-ion pack. But don’t spend $600 on those batteries

crazy prices!

charing 12s there’s no balance chargers out there I think but there are bulk chargers (Meanwell and others) and then you could balance using little “battery medic” like devices for 10$ each. easiest and quickest by far in my mind.

They are claiming a “True 150C rating”, which at 8ah would be 1200A… On a battery with 12 AWG leads.

Think about that for a second

Yeh I have, that wire won’t handle those amps😕 Marketing gimmick???

That brand is generally frowned upon in the RC community because they’re all hype like their ratings are 150c lol but still use 12 gauge wire and deans plug. I like gens ace their ratings in terms of usable mAh are pretty accurate. in terms of 6s or 12s they both have their pros and cons. I would even look into 4x 3s lipos to keep things slim if your mounting under a deck.

I’ve never seen that before and I’ve looked a lot! nice. but the power supplies they will sell with it only do 24 volts. weird. so you end up having to get a Meanwell or some other high voltage power supply anyway.

Forget about the brand for a moment, the information I’m looking for is what is the better option? 2x6s in series or 2x12s parallel ???

Pretty much the same thing imo just difference in how your going to charge them and the height of the batteries like 50mm+ tall enclosures look pretty silly unless it’s for a mtb build


So besides the charging…there’s no advantages or disadvantages to series v parallel to make a desired voltage or capacity?

Pretty much the same