Lipo vs 18650 for MTB

I am in the process of building a custom MTB build and have come to the point of deciding on batteries. I am a big guy so I want to make sure I don’t go short on batteries. My goal is 10+ miles and I will be geared for 24mph. I will be mounting the batteries in a box between my feet on the top of the deck. I am looking at wiring 2 sets of 3x 4s 5ah 30c in parallel to increase Ah.

I would suggest you go with Lipos. I have a lipo pack that consists of x10 2s 20c 5000mah lipos for a 10s2p 10,000mah logical that doesn’t sag at 15deg inclines. Its heavy and takes forever to charge with a 2 amp charger, but its fun.

If you decide to go Li-Ion, I would suggest a 10s5p or better made with Samsung 30Q’s. They have the best amp delivery, in my experience, of Li-Ion cells.


I’m going with 4 of these on my current build:

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Just want to second 10Ah worth of LiPo at 12S is a pretty heavy beast. It’s fine if you never ever have to carry it anywhere but otherwise is a PITA. I’m trying to make some enclosure with swappable battery trays but it’s been an on and off thing for the last month or so, so not sure when I’ll get it done.

It is heavy, but the upside is its much cheaper than the same MAH value in Li-Ion cells and, once again…in my experience, perform very well.

Speaking of MTB. What lipo would people choose for a trampa board (Urban carver 7inch) with the batteries on the underside of the board via the trampa enclosure ?

I’m looking at theese (10s1p) but i’m afraid that they maybe is not powerfull enough ?

But with the height og the trampa enclosure at 27mm, it’t pretty hard to find batteries who will fit.

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thats 240 AMPS (mAh * C rating → 8Ah * 30 = 240A) you can suck out of them. that is rediculous powerfull :slight_smile: a single motor usualy cant handle more then 80A

Yes i know… But those C ratings can’t be trustet at All. No way a battery like that delivers over 200amp consistent

those ratings are actualy reliable. burst C ratings is the one which cant be continous, hence the name burst :wink:

also, i doubt you will every reach any point in life where you would need continous 240amps. that ride wont last more then 2 minutes anyway because the battery would be empty by then

The normal consistent C rating for the batteri is 30c, and burst 40c. But i was hoping if someone knew if this was a good batteri :slight_smile:

@Achmed20 C ratings vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and while your math in theory is correct the general consensus is that the ratings are all over inflated. No one expects you will get:

from said 30c pack continuous. Lipo’s have more punch than Li ion, but not that much. Wish they did…

I’m currently running a 5x 2s 5ah 30c pack and it’s been great for regular wheels. I might as well just make another one and wire them together.

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Of course, they are out of stock right now at HK!

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I’ve got some, I’ll PM you.

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How did you wire them? Do they charge ok in parallel?

Yeah, they charge fine. I haven’t checked them recently but I did every couple of days for a month the and there was no drift.

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