Lipos and vesc questions

Do you need an anti spark plug if running two 5s in series or can u directly plug the series connector into the vesc?

yes you need. a XT90s will work well for this.

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no you don’t need one. the spark makes sure you are ready to ride! :100:

an anti spark plug would make it less :boom:


Hey thanks man, anyway to do this without soldering? Bc im not able to…

Or could i opt for an on/off switch instead? Sorry for the noob questions my first time doing this

if you can´t solder than a vedder anit spark switch or similar with pre soldered plugs would be your best bet, but if they don´t have precharge circut they will fail sooner or later. if you use a discharge bms with a build in switch that would work too.

Thanks, do u have any links to ones u would recommend.

Not really as i‘m not a fan of anti spark e-switches.

If you need an xt90s anti spark or a loopkey, maybe you can just post pictures from where it should be installed and which plugs coming from battery and which on the escs and somebody can solder you something.