Lipos, XT 90 series and parralel connectors, charger and power source

Yea sorry not sure…I meant what are the vesc6 settings supposed to be?

Again that wasn’t the question. Plug your board up to a comouter, open the vesc application on your computer, connect, then tell us thise settings.

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Parts that were supposed to be sent didn’t come with the board as agreed…yes

Bruv… You did this to yourself. You bought a board you knew nothing about. Apparently, as you avoided my post, you have no way of connecting the board to any computer. If we knew what the settings were, we could tell you why your motors cog. Next time you decide to make a costly purchase, research what you’re buying. With most of these board that get sold here, there are build threads on them. Search them and research your purchase.

With that said. If you have an issue with a seller, keep it in pm and not in public threads please.


what you paid? the 1400 or the 1900? as far as i understand is the 1400 only for the basic things. if you want all the extras too, he wanted to have 1900$ did you make everything clear before you bought it?

1400 is what I paid yes …the thread as I understand it was for everything except the battery charger and batteries.

Nah bruv. You just got a board. He had a whole bin of stuff but it would cost $1900 for the stuff and board.


It clearly says for everything except battery charger and batteries…

But it’s done now…move in on…yea

That clearly says everything except batteries and charger. Message him bruv. If you don’t get it resolved, let us know lol.

I have I’m in Australia he doesn’t give a shyt…live and learn…

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No reply from him…

Sorry to hear that bruv. Hey no hard feelings up there. Wasn’t aware of the full story.

No worries My quad is my main focus…cost me a small fortune…20180904_215201

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