Lipos, XT 90 series and parralel connectors, charger and power source

3 6S lipo battery packs 22.2V 5800 mah each, various XT 90 connectors parralel and series configurations, turnigy 300w 30A charger and 240w 16A power source. Make a reasonable offer and they are yours. Plus shipping of course. image mage image image

Pictures are requiered to sell stuff

Where are you located?

I am in Utah.

Those battery leads were supposed to come with the board you sold me…

Plus the board you sold me was a dud… Motors sudder on take off…I think you should credit me a few hundred to repair a problem that was clearly there when you sold the board to me…


I don´t know the back story of all of that, but are those sensorless motors? if yes, than it´s totally normal that they studder at start off.


You didn’t send these either???

Ah ok thx for quick reply

I also don´t get all the context. the topic is only about lipos, you speak about a board. so you purchased a full board from him and now parts missing or not the parts which where promised to be be sent?

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Motors get a bit hot but vesc6 are fine

My apologies I’m a Newby

which motors you now have? the trampa motors? what are your motor max setting in your vesc? if the settings too hight, than the motors can get hot. as min it can be one of the reasons.

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I have no idea about the electronic side of this .I’ve been getting my drone friend to setup my quad setup…I just bought this board as a 2wd to play with while the quad is been setup… we’re still having trouble with the firefly nano remote but getting there slowly …as he works family and builds drones…so I don’t push him to much…

Motor max should be about?

That wasn’t the question. What are your vesc settings?

So far all I see is a highly technical board was bought buy a not so highly technical person.

Why did you buy a board you nothing about? And further more, why did you buy the supposed “Tesla of EMTB”? There’s no such thing.

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