Liquid Electrical Tape - Is it ok to use on VESC?

I just wondering if I could apply a good amount of liquid tape to the VESC and makes it worse for heat dissipation.

I personally think the best solution would be to shrink wrap it like @chaka does. You can get clear, and it will protect the vest without damaging it.

I’d much rather wrap my PCB, than dunk it in some liquid: I realize it’s not like water, but still, it doesn’t seem like the best idea.

That said, I know there is a diy ebike company that encases there electronics in some sort of resin, so you literally have a block with wires coming out… they say it helps with the connection points not ever being broken.

This could possibly cause over heating and it could mess with your connections like the usb port so be careful if you do use it to not get it in the ports.

@cmatson you’re thinking of electrical potting resin, aka potting epoxy.

I thought about doing this. it certainly would waterproof the thing, but i wouldn’t do it unless there are heatsinks on the vesc and you would have the issue of keeping the ports available as well.

it may be worth the experimentation.

this liquid tape thing is interesting though. I want a full report on this.

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There are other options that are more suited to this application. I’d try a conformal coating. LIke this one:

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