Liquid truck still in business?

Been trying to get a hold of them and they have not responded to email or FB message. Does anyone have a contact with them? Feeling pretty frustrated with them. They pride themselves on being American made but act like a shady company not answering emails or messages. Anyone have any info on why this would be happening or similar experience?

It’s all owned by Sk8Trip distribution (Jet, ABEC 11, Liquid, and some others) and they do indeed have slow / if any response time. I personally contacted Jet so I don’t know how I could help. Good luck! I’m having the same issues with Ronin at the moment, so if anyone know how to contact them please let me know.

Its a shame cause im trying to if anything give them more business. I’ll give It another week and then I’ll move on. Seems like we need to get together and make or own precision trucks to sell if this is how this side of the industry works.

From my own experience with them this summer, you’d have better luck actually calling them. They don’t have an HR or PR unit, so getting a prompt response from them is difficult. Someone here on the forums had to help me get in contact with the head honcho, in order to put an order in…after I tried on my own and didn’t get anywhere. But I’m going to warn you, if you want their precision trucks, you’re looking at a minimum of a 3 month wait time…because they’re busy churning out trucks for CarvON.

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@ChrisChaput is the guy youse guys are trying to find

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Chris is definitely the go-to guy…very helpful, only reason my order even went through. However, he has no control over the production timeline of the trucks and trying to squeeze your order in-between their huge commitment to CarvON, so if you want the trucks, be prepared to wait.

Mind you, I’m not trying to dissuade you from their trucks (I absolutely LOVE mine and my ronin"s are collecting dust because of them), but just giving you a heads up because CarvON production is ramping up and in-demand. Which means Sk8trip’s time for small, singular orders is limited(Re-configuring those CNC machines can be a time-consuming affair).

OR…you could talk to @Namasaki…he might be willing to sell you his set, if he still has them and is open to selling them to you.

They are certainly NOT a shady company. As @scrapheap stated, they are likely just too busy making parts for Carvon. And trying to meet the high demand for Abec11’s

@Namasaki could you take some measurements of the liquid cnc truck you have? That’s really all im looking for.

What type of measurements?

Ill message you a quick sketch of what I need if that ok.

Ok, You know, they use removable axles and pivot The axles are high quality stainless steel The pivot is high quality stainless steel ball joint. The axles are also high precision so the wheel bearings fit with no slop.

@Namasaki helped me out with what I needed. Thanks for helping me out guys.