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List sources for hardware and misc e-board parts

Found a good source for bearing spacers in many various diameter and lengths. Tried the 1/2" OD. They work really well allowing for the wheel nuts to be locked down tight with excellent free spin. These are so much better and so much cheaper than bearing spacers from skate shops.


:notes: Ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks. :notes:

I used to order stuff online but its a hassle sometimes.

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I went to Home Depot and true value hardware and atuto parts stores but could not find anything like this.
Sometimes online is the only way.
This particular company is easy and delivery was fast.

home depot sucks, as does menards ( here in the midwest)

You dont have an Ace or equivalent ? they have everything under the sun in terms of hardware. Metric, standard you name it

We have a True Value hardware. It’s similar to Ace.
But they don’t have everything. How could they.
There great for nuts and bolts and screws. And some special stuff but very limited on stuff like this
I mostly just wanted to share this item because all wheel bearings need spacers to make them stable and I was so stoked to find this source.

I actually went to ace last week looking for spacers and 4m X 10mm hardware and guess what? They not only had nothing that would work, but also had little idea how to help find any alternatives. Home Depot doesn’t stock stainless. Both have proven useless to me on several occasions.

What did that little sack of solutions cost you?

The more you buy the cheaper the price.
At 50 count they where $ .47 ea.
So $23.50 plus tax and shipping.
Total was $ 31.83.
So, $ 2.54 to equip 1 board with heavy duty spacers like you won’t find at any skate shop.
These thick wall spacers really align and lock the bearings together like none other that I’ve tried and there still light weight. Also they fit the truck axle really well unlike regular skate spacers that fit sloppy
It’s not required to buy quantity. Just cheaper.
Guess I’ll never run out now. LoL

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I guess it depends on the store…the messed up thing is they just closed the one by my house…actually I think they closed all the Ace Hardware stores in Vegas…

But good info @Namasaki👍🏻

Thanks bro!
So looking back and wondering, how in the world did we get along before there was an Internet
and E-business ???

No freaking idea

-be damn this 20 character limit

Well, you could always sell off a few extras to fellow eSk8aholics, and recoup some of the costs…:wink:

Im so jealous of American stores.

Are your motors sounding like they are full of rocks? Vibrating excessively, Maybe drawing too many amps? Nothing like a brand new set of bearings to make them purr again! Here is another great DiY source. High quality bearings for motors and or wheels. And they’re fast. Ordered some bearings on Sunday and they where in my mailbox on Wednesday. Update: installed the ceramic bearings in just one motor to see the comparison.The stock NSK bearings from Japan are better. Quieter, less shaft play and less friction UPDATE: So I take back what I said about these bearings . Turns out I damaged them by installing them incorrectly. I’ve since installed a new set using a small press to press them in instead of a hammer and dowel. The results of my second attempt where much better.

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What do we have in NL? theres not even a complete all-round store, everything is online. Building eboard by just seeing pictures for newb like me months ago wasnt easy.

Ya, pretty much everything we need is gonna be online.

Well most of them are, but sometimes to get even a nice screw driver or thread locker or small little things there are no store for it. The worst is electronics store. Cant even get switches or high gauge wire locally, decent resistor, not even a good solder. It’s quite frustrating sometimes to get 5usd switches needs to pay 5usd shipping cost.

Man, that’s gotta be tough when you can’t even get common hardware or tools