Litech BMS not working, ESC not turning on!

Hi everyone

I bought the HCX-D596LI12S80A Litech BMS here and installed with my 2 6s battery in series according to this

It comes with two wiring leads for e-switch installation, which I put in connection with an alligator just for testing time.

Saying that by-passing the BMS (ESC to batteries) everything works just fine, I can’t get to have the ESC turned on with the BMS.

as you can see battery pack is (almost fully) charged


and I got the same voltage measure between the yellow circles, between which I was not expecting. At least not with inverted polarity… But it’s my first project, so I can definetively be wrong image.png

Finally I got this weird voltage reading on the load (ESC port), no matter if I turn the E-switch on or off (connecting or disconnecting the saidwiring leads ) image.png

any guess ?

Are you discharging from the p- or b-?

Battery negative is on B-

Ok but do you plan on using the bms for discharge?

This may help a bit its not the same but informative

Wiring and switch

no, I would like to bypass it for discharge

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Hmm let me look into the bms one sec. Ok looks like you would have to discharge from the bms for this switch to work as it would not be do anything other wise.

Charging voltage	50.4V

Current Maximal continuous charging current 20A Maximal continuous discharging current 80A Current consumption ≤50uA

ok, waiting…

also, I saw your diagram, I actually aimed for the same configuration. I should got it right

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discharging bypass would it be just to be sure, but I guess I can limit the ESC to 80A. Charging is not a problem.

Now, is the wiring ok? how do I need to change it?

I actually can’t see the picture

Try cycling the bms a few times.