Little Beast Longboard

Hey, I’m building another electric longboard but this time for myself! and I’m really bad at the electrical part so id like some feedback…
-Motor: It’s going to be a single DIYes 6380 170kv motor( -Esc: Powered by a Vesc? I don’t know if the vesc is powerful enough because it says it’s a 50a esc, is it really, or are there any other esc’s you would suggest? -Battery: Powered by a custom Bms controlled Samsung 25r 12s3p pack, plus a custom made antispark switch -Remote: FireFly nano remote, Can’t wait for this one! -Pulleys: I’m not sure maybe a 16/36? -Wheels: 70mm? I’d love some feedback/criticism on this to make it the best it can be!

Single 4.12 vesc will be enough for single drive

There is no way to use 36T on 70mm when. The smallest wheel and ready available should be Caguama

A 12s3p battery is going to disappoint you. Each “p” is worth 15-20 amps if you are using the standard pink Samsung cells, 30q’s.

Let’s call it 60amps (20x3) max output. Your ESCs will be limited to 30amps max each. That’s commercial board, companies that shall not be named territory. :man_shrugging:

Disregard if you are using fancy cells #youfancyaf

I’m only using one esc though, so the full 60a goes to the one esc, right? Is there a max input on a vesc?

My bad for not seeing that. 60amps for a single motor on a mid range esc is good then.

Actually 60A battery is not that bad.
There are no commercial boards that use 30A per esc (not talking about Lacroix etc). Maybe 30A per motor but that is different.

For a small board 12s3p 30Q is more than enough even for dual 6355 or 6374 especially on PU wheels.


Again I’m only doing a single 6380 motor right now

I have read that. I was replying to @Arzamenable as to whether 12s3p 30q is enough for a dual.

Oh ok that makes more sense, what would you guys recommend I run the motor at? It’s max is 80a or 4100w

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