Little Evolve Killer | GTX deck | 10s3p VTC6 | Dual 6374 | 32+ mph

Hi everyone,

I’ve never done a build thread before, yet already on the 5th board :joy: Ironically, this board is not even for me to keep : ) but I thought it’s time to share what I have!

Anyways, these are the parts I purchased:

  • Evolve GTX deck and enclosure (with custom made gasket for high water resistance)
  • TB 218mm trucks with Riptide upgraded pivot cups and bushings
  • ABEC 97mm flywheels with zealous bearings
  • TB 6374 motors x2 with Dbrand skins on them
  • 2:1 gear ratio with 18T motor pulley and 36T wheel pulley
  • 10s3p custom flexible battery pack with VTC6 cells (made by @pjotr47)
  • Dual 4.12 VESC by Flipsky
  • AntiSpark switch with push to turn on feature made by MartinSP
  • Custom milled motor mounts for the GTX deck and TB trucks inspired by OKP
  • Dual HM10 modules / Nano remote / Onan back light / 42V 3a charger













Board is almost complete, waiting on last few bits such as the custom idlers, motor pulley covers with built in bearings, and Anti Spark switch : )

Really looking forward to testing it out!


That looks amazing. Super clean work.


Nice build! Keep me posted on those cells interested to see how a 3p works with them.


I have 2 other boards with a 10s3p using VTC6 cells, they are beast! I really noticed a difference in performance between them and 30Q cells. No voltage sag whatsoever, even at 32V, no sever heat… but again, I’m not very big neither am I heavy.


So how much does a setup like this one costs you in the US?

This one is roughly worth $1500

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Konions are much better than 30q. Sadly way more expensive too.


what’s that thing strapped to the remote? Reminds me of the ipod shuffle.

What’s the purpose of two hm10 module?

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Where you planning on ride it? Just a quick suggestion. You might want to check the clearance for the motor, mine used to be this low, I can’t get out of my driveway without scratching the motor on the back. I ended up top mount my drop thru deck and added raiser pads to gain proper clearance. 1456241486


YOU send too germany

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What do u think about the light. Do the laze work good

That’s the remote for the tail light.

Yeah, that light is pretty good, the laser works great, it can blink too, but don’t be like me, I lost the remote for the lights. I can only turn it on and off now. :frowning:

What dbrand skin did you buy to wrap the motors? I’ve got 6374 maytech motors and would like to give them that scratch and ding protection from dbrand too. Ive got an iphone skin as well and its worked fine for me so as long as the heat from the can doesn’t affect the adhesive it should be fine right?

@threebysix that’s the remote for the light, and 2 Bluetooth modules don’t require the use of the CAN bus connection to get data from both VESC’s @rojitor sadly going out of stock everywhere too @370HSSV not planning to ride it since it’s not for me, but just normal roads I guess. Motors actually have pretty good clearance, it’s just the picture @locke whaaaat? @Wraith I bought the matte black skin for the back of the 15" MacBook Pro without logo and cut them to size. I haven’t tested this setup, but I don’t think heat should be a problem (your motors shouldn’t be getting this warm anyways). You can get a super cheap matte black vinyl from Amzon too : )

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Thanks! I’ll look around. Yeah I can look for an alternative to the 3M adhesive on the dbrand skin if it happens to peel off. I’ll compare what amazon has as well. :smile:

@BoostedBuilder Where’d you manage to get the GTX deck, enclosure, and custom gasket?

Deck and case from my local Evolve dealer. The deck comes with a gasket but it’s very poor quality so I redesigned it and had like 10 made for me.

I heard they typically require proof that you own an Evolve board before you can order “replacement” parts. Is that no longer the case? If so I might be tempted to go on the Evolve USA site and order a GTX deck haha

Howly shit! What a nice looking board. :heart_eyes: If the evolve parts were not so expensive, I would have builded such a board as well.

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