Little Franky / BC Barracuda 29'' / Caliber II 44` / 10s2p 30q / 6374 190kv senesored / Usb ports

Hello there!

So its about my third year of uni commuting with my E-board, every day. Since I changed to different rooms and places, I no longer had a way a storing my esk8 while at uni. Carrying around a full sized 13kg heavy longboard wasn’t working anymore dutue different sitting arrangements and rooms. Taking the public transport was not an option dutue cost and it takes 30 minutes instead of 15 with my esk8 (and I do not ride bycycles no more, ever).

So super short on time because of work, family stuff a baby dog and studies I wanted to throw together a build as fast as possible with parts I had lying around. + parts from (it is pricy and there are cheaper ways to get stuff, but from the day of ordering it toock less than 72 hours for everything to arrive at my doorstep, so the board was “built” within 4 days of ordering parts.)

  • Partlist: 1.) Deck BC Barracuda (won giftcards) 2.) mount ( used my old mount from the Raptor 1 ) 3.) motor 6355 from the Raptor as well later swaped it out with a 6374 this one. 4.) Vesc 4.1 an old one from a early build. 5.) Battery + enclosure 6.) Wheels (some abec 83mm clones I had around 7.) Nano v2 remote 8.) pulleys and belts also from the OG Raptor. (later swapped to 15mm + mount from a forum member)

All in all I spent about 400-450 .- on it. Which is ok given the fact that 1 year public transport would cost me 880.- for a 30 min ride… daily (switzerland is expensive as fuuuuu). Since I am also alot faster during lunch I can eat at home which is so much life quality. Otherwise I would haveto go to our mensa which tries to kill you or go anywhere else and be instantly broke. So yeyy…

So choosing to go this route of lets call it semi DIY, it is definetly more expensive, but I simply didn’t have the time and needed a way to commute to uni and back home twice per day.

So here it is in the first version with the 6355 and enertion pulleys:

And in the later version with 6374 and 15 mm belt + new mount and pulleys.

IT is absolutely perfect for my needs. It is super light, portable, it even fits in my backpack if its really packed at uni. The battery is enough to get me to uni and home (serious inclines) I am actually surprised how well it handles hills over all. It is a nice and smooth ride, even so that I toock it out on short group rides or bar cruises instead of bigger builds.


Dope build man. Small cruisers are actually lots of fun to ride

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Thx man. Well yeah they are fun, but most of it comes from it being so portable. Buying food, going to a pub meeting friends everything became easier.

A 12kg 1meter board with sick range and alot of power is awesome for joy rides or group rides, but hardly usefull in a big city as a commuter.

I love it so much because of that.

I know what you mean I got my 25 lb board with big ole Superflys for distance and then I got my 11 lb mini for going to the store lol

How is the range? And specs like top speed etc.

Top speed is around 40-43 km/h. Range is surpisingly good, though vesc setttings and my riding style on this one is all about range. So 90% of the time I am riding in slow mode and as conservarively as I can. Though 15km does it with ease.