Little Princess Board | Custom FatBoy Nano Gear Drive 1:3 5065 140kv | 6s8p | Landyachtz Switchblade 36” | Untiy | ABEC 107mm

Hey guys after Paris event my sister wanted a board like all of us have. She tried few electric ones and played around with push boards and etc and loved it so we decided to build one for her.


  • Custom FatBoy Nano Gear drive made for 5065 with 1:3 gear ratio
  • 5065 140kv motors
  • 6S8P 30Q Battery pack made into two 6S4P packs so later on it could be changed into 12s4p
  • Enertion Unity with Nano-X
  • Landyachtz Switchblade 36"
  • Custom Enclosure made by @BigBen
  • Cone/Canon and Canon/Canon 84A bushings (Helped by our master @RipTideSports)
  • 6S BMS for charge only

Color scheme is Black/Red I think (That’s what was decided by our princess)

Can’t say enough thanks for @BigBen for this nice custom enclosure

Motors were upgraded and bulletproofed, added keyway to the axle:

Made custom gear drive for smaller motors also made it smaller as motor is a lot smaller .

I love the look of this small BMS:

The 6S Charger expected to be smaller but looks like they only change voltage by pot or etc and that’s all:

The whole build (with temporary different enclosure double stack) looks pretty sick


That’s awesome! How old is your little sister? Gonna be a ripper for sure!

Lucky little lady!


This June just turned 10 year old :slight_smile: That’s why I asked for help from RipTide because she weights less than 45kg :smiley:


Freaking rad. So cool she got the bug after Paris.


She’s gonna be a lucky little lady!


That’s great man. Lucky kid.

Those 50xx geardrives would be rad for smaller kicktail builds. So compact.

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thats awesome!!!

never thought about running the gears like that without covers, it looks great.

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Aside from the keyway, what else did you do to the motors to bulletproof them?

They are not made yet but will be made soon :slight_smile: