Little Rocket >>> Landyachtz Tugboat | Cavon V4 SD-R 110kv | 2 x FocBox | 10S3P Samsung 25R | ABEC11 90mm Flywheels | DieBieMS | Psychotiller Durban

Hey guys, so i finally “finished” building my new city cruiser board. I needed something small that i can pick up and no have to drag on the ground because its 40" long. Since i couldn’t get my hands on a Jet Potato i decided to look at the Landyachtz offerings. I tried out the Dinghy and Tugboat. The Dinghy was way too thin to fit all i wanted, so i went with the Tugboat.

Here’s the BOM:

  • Landyachtz Tugboat
  • Psychotiller Durban
  • 2x FocBox
  • 2x Carvon V4 SD-R 110kv
  • 10s3p Samsung 25R (soldered with 10AWG wire)
  • DieBieMS with Switchcraft IP68 PWR button and Charging Port
  • Flysky GT2B (buffalo mod), this will be replaced by a custom nrf52 remote.
  • ABEC11 Flywheels 75A 90mm
  • 1x TB Caliber Clone Truck


As you can see in this picture, the electronics enclosure is packed! I tried many different configurations for the battery, and in the end flat pack folded in half was the winner. IMG_20180529_142725

I wanted a clean look on the outsde and as stealthy as possible, so i designed some adapters for MT60 pannel mounting. IMG_20180509_225337

And a drilling template so that everything lines up nicely. IMG_20180509_223748

After that was done, and everything was tested and placed inside the enclosure i found the spaces for the buttons and screen. I designed a screen holder, which i need to finish waterproofing. Unfortunately my reference for measuring the placement of the screen was off my about 1mm, but its barely noticeable. power

Once i got the Carvon’s i had to wait for the Flywheels since the MTBs i had didn’t feet the wheel adapters. So i printed some temporary adapters in PETG to test the board out. They worked like a charm and very solid. adapter mtbs

But yesterday, it was like christmass! Flywheels arrived and i could finally “finish” my build. All that’s left to do is wire in some waterproof connectors for the sensor wires (ill be using some Switchcraft Conxall 6pin). So here it is, the “finished” product:

bottom2 bottom wheels

And then we got the board inspected! Not sure if he approves of it just yet. inspector2 inspector1

And finally, my lovely wife tested it! I think we both agree, this little board packs a punch! Luckily i managed to catch her :slight_smile: wall_hole

Well, that’s it for now, hope you guys enjoyed my new build as much as me.


I thought those mtb wheels were supposed to fit since they sport the same core as abec 11. How did they not fit?

The core is slightly different. They will fit on the Torque Drives, but not on the Speed Drives.

Thanks. Weird though I thought the speed drive r v4 were made to fit clones as well so I thought that would include these guys. Hell in fact their website states it fits 100mm wheels and they sell the mbs wheels too.

Yeah, it was a surprise for me too, that’s why i had to go and order some flywheels

I like this video a lot

i got the slick revs on the carvons, think my roads are only good for psychotiller wheels unfortunately

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What is your weight if you don’t mind sharing?

Would also like to know your top speed?

Nice little build. I have them drives too but still need to mount them.

I’m around 70kg, i’ve got my board limited to 15km/h for safety. In theory it should be able to get up to 67km/h

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Is that a shiba?

Yes it is :slight_smile: IMG_20180621_213733


DUDE. Been waiting for this build. Very similar to what I’m trying to achieve right now. Looking forward to hearing your initial thoughts on the way she handles. Looks absolutely great!



It handles like a dream! So smooth and silent! I had to stiffen up the trucks and put some wedges because of how much steering I had, I was getting torque steer when accelerating. Since it has a kicktail I can do without the crazy turning. Unfortunately one of my legs is fked up so I can’t test on the street just yet.

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That’s a beautiful Shiba you got there!

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